Default Services

Helping banks, mortgage creditors, and servicers with non-performing assets is one of our core practice areas. In representing these financial institutions, we prosecute mortgage foreclosure actions statewide and assist our clients with loss mitigation alternatives, when the need arises. From case referral to conclusion, we’re there every step of the way.

Today’s default services environment is more scrutinized and regulated than ever. It’s important to have a diligent and experienced team guiding you through this ever-changing landscape. The only way to achieve that result is to hire a dedicated and focused law firm, with a statewide presence, which understands exactly what is needed.

Financial Services Litigation

Seasoned lawyers with the experience needed to help clients navigate through complex financial services litigation, our firm understands the need for compliant and swift resolution. Given the ever-changing landscape of the default services practice, our litigation team works tirelessly to respond to the continued legal, regulatory, and compliance challenges, and produce results for our clients.

Real Estate

When a default asset moves to REO or when purchasers are buying their first home, we can help. Closings are time sensitive and need an experienced team to guide the process through all the regulatory, title and compliance issues. At Scott & Corley, P.A., we regularly handle REO and residential real estate closings.

Governmental Affairs

A longtime hallmark of this firm’s founders, Scott & Corley, P.A. provides the legal counsel that businesses and associations need to navigate the challenges posed by the connected works of law, regulation, and economic trending of fields regulated by state and local government. Moreover, the firm, through its founder, has been honored by several state associations for its work in protecting the rights of their individual memberships.


In support of our default services practice, we have a highly experienced bankruptcy team dedicated to representing creditors. Most often, we are called upon to review bankruptcy plans, file proofs of claim, move for relief from the automatic stay, as well as handle more complex Chapter 11 bankruptcy actions, and adversary proceedings, when needed.

Local rules and customs may make bankruptcy court confusing for those who do not regularly practice there. At Scott and Corley P.A., we have been assisting our clients in bankruptcy matters for years, and our representation has helped to navigate our clients in the right direction.


Eviction and property clearance issues can quickly become complex and disruptive, given their volatile nature. Our evictions team works closely with all parties involved to ensure the matter is resolved satisfactorily.

Title Resolution

Title work comes in all shapes and sizes. Like puzzles, some are nicely tied together, but some have issues.

At Scott & Corley P.A., we work with the appropriate parties to resolve the title issue. If it cannot be handled quickly and easily, we can bring an independent legal action or an action contemporaneously with the foreclosure case to have the title defect resolved. By fixing title issues within the foreclosure action (where applicable), we are frequently able to save our clients time and expense they would later have to expend to otherwise resolve the problem.


Scott & Corley, P.A. handles personal property recovery matters statewide.  The firm’s knowledge of the Uniform Commercial Code, its related statutes and case law, and South Carolina court practice and procedure allows us to effectively represent creditors in replevin and other legal proceedings for recovery of collateral and enforcement of security interests.